Hacienda Coffee Yuma Block Party

Hacienda Coffee Yuma Block Party


Yuma Block Party is a beautiful combination of our Guatemalan and Ethiopian coffees. Our Guatemalan beans are sourced from Asociación de Productores de Café Diferenciados y Especiales de Guatemala (1600-2100 masl) providing its members assistance plus farming and social services. Our Ethiopian coffee is sourced from the Guji region (1900-2100 masl) whose washed coffees are outstanding. The blending of the savory characteristics of the Guatemalan with the citrus notes of the Ethiopian creates a unique and outrageously delicious palate of earth tone flavors.

Weight: 16 oz

Featured Artist: Micah Gunderson

*To ensure freshness, please allow up to one week from order date for the coffee to ship—this allows us to roast a fresher batch for each order.

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