We do our best to send a consistent supply of cans and bottles outside of our taprooms to select markets in Wisconsin—however, we only produce a small amount of beer, and after supplying product to our taprooms, there isn’t much more to go around. All of our beer in Wisconsin is distributed through Wisconsin Distributors and their affiliated network. We also recently signed on with Heartland Beverage to send occasional beer to Chicagoland.

Here’s a list of liquor stores and bottle shops in WI that we tend to send beer when possible:

  • Steve’s (University, McKee, and Junction, Madison)

  • Trixie’s Liquor (Madison)

  • Star Liquor (Madison)

  • Ray’s Wine & Spirits (Wauwatosa)

  • Discount Liquor (Milwaukee)

  • Brennan’s Market (Madison)

  • Whole Foods (Madison, Tosa)

  • Cannery Wine and Spirits (Sun Prairie)

  • Cork ‘n Bottle (Madison)

  • Miller and Sons (Verona)

  • Harley’s Liquor (Madison)

  • Hy-Vee (Madison East and West, Fitchburg)

  • Woodman’s (Sun Prairie, West Madison)

  • Riley’s (Madison) 

  • McFarland Liquors (McFarland)

  • Jenifer Street Market (Madison) 

  • City View Liquor (Madison)

  • Three Cellars (Menomonee Falls)

  • Sonoma Cellars (Oconomowoc)

  • Amens Beer and Wine (Wind Lake)

  • Corks and Caps (Greenville)

  • Tandem Wine and Beer (Appleton)

  • Otto’s Wine & Spirits (Menomonee Falls)