We do our best to send a consistent supply of cans and bottles outside of our taproom to select markets in Wisconsin—however, we only produce a small amount of beer, and after supplying product to our taproom, there isn’t much more to go around.

Here’s a list of liquor stores and bottle shops that we tend to send beer when possible:

  • Steve’s (University, McKee, and Junction, Madison)

  • Trixie’s Liquor (Madison)

  • Star Liquor (Madison)

  • Ray’s Wine & Spirits (Wauwatosa)

  • Discount Liquor (Milwaukee)

  • Brennan’s Market (Madison)

  • Whole Foods (Madison, Tosa)

  • Cannery Wine and Spirits (Sun Prairie)

  • Cork ‘n Bottle (Madison)

  • Miller and Sons (Verona)

  • Harley’s Liquor (Madison)

  • Hy-Vee (Madison East and West, Fitchburg)

  • Woodman’s (Sun Prairie, West Madison)

  • Riley’s (Madison) 

  • McFarland Liquors (McFarland)

  • Jenifer Street Market (Madison) 

  • City View Liquor (Madison)

  • Three Cellars (Menomonee Falls)

  • Sonoma Cellars (Oconomowoc)

  • Amens Beer and Wine (Wind Lake)

  • Corks and Caps (Greenville)

  • Tandem Wine and Beer (Appleton)

  • Otto’s Wine & Spirits (Menomonee Falls)